Rebuilding. Inside. OUT.

Proposed new board slate, organizational flow, with new Vice President roles, and each Director will have an area of focus or expertise

The slate presented below represents the 12 applicants that we received from the current board and our membership. Due to the limited number of applications, all applicants received their preferred position on the board slate and with the approval of membership we will look to recruit more leaders and allies to round out the slate later this year. As members, in good standing, you have the ability to vote to approve, deny, or object to the slate all together and member’s may request a witness to the voting process executed by the Secretary. 


Create clear roles and responsibilities for board members and officers, which will divide the work requirements amongst the board to allow for more progress and clear expectations to meet.

Empower board members to understand their role and take initiative to be successful in their role. Three new key roles will be created including the Assistant-Treasurer, Director of Operations & Internal Operations, and Director of Sponsorship &  Partnership. Each member of the board will have a specific job title and roles to fulfill within that role to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently. Specific job functions will be developed at the 2023 board retreat.


Implementation of the Internal Articles of Financial Control and the addition of Assistant-Treasurer.

With the implementation of the articles of internal control the organization will utilize industry-leading fraud prevention tools, including our own by using double-approvals from the office of the Treasurer for expenses exceeding $5,000 or not pre-approved in the budget. Implement modernized whistleblower policies and procedures, and creating document destruction policies.


Revise terms of service and guidelines for the Organization’s Directors, Vice Presidents and Board President

Revise terms of service for directors on the board to be 1 year, while keeping Vice Presidents and President terms of service as 2 year terms. A total of 6 years may be served on the board. Modernize the board/staff code of conduct, non-disclosure (NDA), ethics policy, and bylaws (where it relates). Implement new sexual harassment policies and procedures while requiring all to attend annual sexual harassment training in accordance with Illinois State employment law.


The newly created Director of Operations & Internal Affairs will assist with the administrative needs and requirements.

This new role won’t just assist with the operations but they will be the go-to for any staff related question, or hiring/firing, benefits, and keeping important documents such as the board’s and staff’s NDA documents along with other related tasks. The board and staff will be held to the same expectations and take an oath of the principles of professionalism to respect one another to work towards a common goal. This change will allow more time for the Board President to lead the board and find ways to be more involved in the community and progress the mission. The Executive Director and staff will also be expected to take annual sexual harassment training and follow the organization’s policies and procedures to create an Positive Environment, Welcome To All.


Implement mid-year elections to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors

Since we have seen a limited board slate which effects our overall productivity, ability to govern, and make long-term decisions for the organization I propose the addition of mid-year elections to vote in additions to fill vacancies or for succession planning. The votes will be taken at the Winter Soiree and will be shared with the membership at least seven (7) days prior to the event in email, and online and at the event.